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July Aug 21

The Covid challenge…

Aditya Verma, Marina Publications Pvt Ltd, Varanasi, shares his views on the textbook publishing market in Covid times and the path to recovery.

Evolving K-12 Education

Children love to speak and they love to be spoken to – this is how they learn best. HiVoco is a first of kind 2-way audio interactive platform where the best teachers and story-tellers around the world provided interactive content and…

“Content is the king and books are here to stay”

opines Atiya Zaidi, Publisher, Ratna Sagar, which is one of the largest and most renowned K-12 publishing houses in India today, which was founded by great visionary Dhanesh Jain in 1982, who was religiously involved in the advancing…

Evolving educational content

Manish Aggarwal, Publisher, Pitambar Publishing Company P Ltd and Rising Sun Publishing Company, shares his views on the changing face of school education.