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Feb Mar 20

Towards Skillful & Sensitive Publishing

Tulika Books has been making a place for itself in the hearts of young readers all over. Radhika Menon, publishing director, Tulika Books tells Janani Rajeswari. S, about the journey to success of the publishing house. Excerpts.

French-Malayalam: Cross-Cltural Exchange

DC Books has been at the forefront to bring quality translations of foreign titles into Malayalam. They have translated more than 40 French books till now and are looking at more such cultural exchanges.

“Books are our never failing friends!”

says Sudha Murty, chairperson of Infosys Foundation and wife of Infosys Technologies founder NR Narayana Murty. As an author, she has written more than 90 books in Kannada and English, and continues to delight readers with her philosophical…

India as GoH at Paris Book Fair – An update

The Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Emmanuel Lenain, announced that, as part of a reciprocal invitation, India is the guest of honour this year at Livre Paris (Paris Book Fair, March 20-23, 2020), while France will be the guest of…