Author: Nilakshi Borgohain
Publisher: Vision & Reasons Imprint, Assam
(Pp 224, ISBN 978-93-5267-647-7, Rs 290)

A beautiful novel which traces the life of an orphan, who wants to have the security of a family, besides making a name for herself! She is ambitious and wants to reach the pinnacle of her career and wish to earn lot of money. For this, she is ready to go to any extent; even snatching her best friend’s fiancée. But, life has its own turns and her husband leaves her for his boss’ daughter. While she used her husband for a security that family provides, her husband leaves her for money. Destiny is more powerful than what we think.

However, the protagonist does not loses hope and reaches her goals in life – only to find herself entrapped in loneliness and guilt. That’s when she starts looking within and discovers the early lessons of ethical behaviour and becomes a better human being. Written in an interesting manner, the book teaches you life’s lessons, without being preachy. Achieving fulfilment in life is much more than material things and one has to be aligned with nature to achieve the best.