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1 Book fairs: Roadmap for the future 136
2 Bookshops: to be or not to be? 440
3 It's time to build a better product 1877
4 Unity through literary network… 2851
5 A big thank you to all! 3013
6 Greater push for language publishing! 3295
7 Playing before reading! 3601
8 Let’s focus on quality! 4124
9 Innovations in book fairs! 4547
10 Mobile bookshops and research cheap cialis online libraries 4553
11 Celebrating the journey of 25 issues! 5361
12 Future of the nation 7178
13 Look back to libraries! 8041
14 Where are my textbooks? 9789
15 Diversification: prime key to success 11129
16 Celebrating the literature! 23031
17 Enthusiasm, dedication, push and pull: the four mantras of a successful show 26887
18 The promising start… 9970

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