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Digital is the core of the publishing enterprise

The COVID-19 pandemic heralded digital technology-based hybrid learning at every level of teaching and learning. This presents an opportunity for publishers and education technology (Edtech) companies to collaborate and develop the best…

Rights and licensing: In the publishing industry

Rights and the process of licensing has been a vital part of the development of publishing worldwide. The explosion of knowledge over the past 100 years would not have happened without the trading of rights and licensing of copyright. If…

Book fairs: The Past and Future

Richard Charkin, member of the international advisory board of the Frankfurt Book Fair, shares his views on the changing face of book fairs.

What does the future hold for publishing?

Guest Director, BolognaBooklus, Jacks Thomas is an international books and culture specialist with over twenty five years’ experience. Thomas stepped down from The London Book Fair which she led as Director from 2013 to 2020, having worked…