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India: A Publishing Superstar In The Making

by Richard Charkin, Founder,
Mensch Publishing and President of Bloomsbury China

Richard Charkin, Founder, Mensch Publishing and President of Bloomsbury China and Consultant to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, shares his views on the Indian publishing industry.

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Make the most of the London Book Fair

by Jacks Thomas, Director

Jacks Thomas, Director, The London Book Fair shares what to expect at the London Book Fair to be held at Olympia, London from April 10-12, 2018.

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The Great Hindi Story!

by Aditi Maheshwari-Goyal, Director

“The history of publishing in Hindi still awaits to be written,” quips Prof. Francesca Orsini in The Hindi Public Sphere (1920 -1940).

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Bengali language publishing:
yesteryears to date

by Debajyoti Datta, Shishu Sahitya Samsad (P) Ltd

Debajyoti Datta, Shishu Sahitya Samsad (P) Ltd shares how the Bengali language publishing has evolved, the challenges now and how the industry can be revived.

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Future of publishing–
printing to platforms

by Vikas Gupta, Managing Director

The future of publishing lies in how well publishers can create a solution that can go up the value chain. Publishing would evolve into a model where the content is free but the services,..

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Understanding copyright
in an Indian context

by Vivek Mehra, MD and CEO, SAGE India

Society and mankind recognize various rights that human beings have. These can be broadly classified into rights that are around ownership, profiting or otherwise benefitting from:

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“Technology is a
game changer in education”

by Ratnesh Jha, Managing Director

says Ratnesh Jha, Managing Director – South Asia, Cambridge University Press, in conversation with Varsha Verma.

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THE ARTS+: strengthening the
connections between past and future!

by Claudia Kaiser VP – Business Development,

The aim of THE ARTS+ is to discover new business trends and innovations in the cultural and creative sectors and to present them to visitors.

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Publishers on Publishing
Inside India’s Book Business

by Nitasha Devasar, Managing Director

Books on India’s publishing industry are few and far between. Ironic for an industry considered both vibrant and with growth potential, in a country that sees its future as a knowledge economy.

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Freedom to publish: an
interesting but vexed expression

by Sesh Seshadri, Director

Freedom to Publish is an interesting expression very widely used in recent times. It is perforce a very vexed question, posing difficulties not just in terms of judging what constitutes violations of such freedom but in the adherence to it.

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Key EdTech trends of 2017 that will
continue to impact Education in 2018

by Sivaramakrishnan V, managing director

The Indian Education sector is poised at an interesting juncture – on the one hand, there is a growing focus on achieving learning outcomes,

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What makes a bestseller?

by Vikrant Mathur, Director

Vikrant Mathur, director of Nielsen BookScan India shares how important it is for publishers to have accurate data of the industry and how Nielsen BookScan is trying to fill this void.

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