Pegasus forays into games & toys…

After being a leading publisher of children’s books, Pegasus has ventured into toys and games, under the brand name Popcorn, shares Nitin Jain, Executive Director of Pegasus, an imprint of B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd.


Pegasus has been leading the children’s books market for a long time. The books are exported to almost 100 countries across the globe. The products are sold across all the channels -online, modern trade, general trade and institutions.

Pegasus witnessed a growing need for products beyond books and was toying with the idea of Book Plus. Coincidentally, since 2018 the Indian Government has also been pushing the idea of toys made in India. With this vision, Pegasus decided to venture into Toys & Games under the brand name of Popcorn.

New products on the fore…

Pegasus has setup an entirely new team from editorial to sales with a focus on producing quality educational toys from 0 years and above. The company is focussed on producing puzzles, play sets, montessori and early learning toys, wooden toys and fabric novelty products for toddlers.

Children safe toys…

Almost 60% of the toys sold in the world are produced in China. The government was also working towards safety aspect with regards to toys and thus implemented BIS Standards for Safety in Toy Manufacturing. This has been a great move to ensure hazardous and unsafe toys do not reach the hands of children. A lot of cheap quality toys that were imported due to price value were banned.

The company set up a BIS Compliant Manufacturing Facility to produce puzzles, games and toys. Pegasus has committed to invest upto 30 Crores in next 2 years in this business. The current capacity is to produce upto 250,000 puzzles each month. Majority of the puzzles in the world are being exported from China even today and Pegasus aims to play a major role in being the major supplier of Puzzles from India to the world.

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