MTL: the shining star of Indian book printing!


While they may be a relatively recent entrant, Manipal Technologies Limited (MTL) can still be called a pioneer in the modern print industry. MTL is ahead of its competitors in terms of volumes, investment in technology, quality of service, turnaround time, breadth of finishing capabilities or any other metric. Their recent endeavours establish this claim. They are particularly proud of two of their recent projects—but emphasize that these are just examples of a work ethic and professional philosophy that is part of our approach to any job.

MTL had this fantastic opportunity in being a part of one of the most prestigious projects of the publishing industry in the past year. They are talking of Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography Playing It My Way! This was one of their projects where the highest standards of security were maintained for a book printing. In terms of volume, this was the largest project for a hard case book in the country. Let’s read what their clients have to say about them.

“This is to officially put on record my appreciation for a fantastic print job done. This was undoubtedly the single biggest job ever printed in the country not just in volume and scale but in terms of prestige too. Sachin Tendulkar is the country’s greatest living icon and I’m pleased to see that you undertook the job with that sense of occasion and absolute enthusiasm. The job was very high pressure given the time and security constraints and I was delighted that you were able to deliver brilliantly on all fronts and that we had a world class product. In the light of the absolutely frenzied sales explosion that happened smashing hardback records in the country– even more incredible was the rescheduling that you did for us to deliver lightning fast reprint replenishment batches that ensured that not a single city in India went out of stock for even a day.

This is the third time Manipal (after the two JK Rowling projects) has come through for us with a world class effort and I congratulate you while looking forward to many more in the years ahead”

–Thomas Abraham, managing director – Hachette India

“My publishers have apprised me of the excellent work you’ve done as regards time, and scheduling and I would like to add my personal thanks to theirs and commend you for a job splendidly done. I am also pleased that we have produced a book of such print quality in India that can stand alongside any comparable hardback in the world”.

–Sachin Tendulkar (Author)

Last year saw another big release. Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend. While this was executed with precision, it was also the largest print order for soft cover trade book in India. MTL would like to thank their customers for believing in them for such prestigious projects and giving them an opportunity to a part of the same.

MTL also won the first PrintWeek India Academic and Trade Book Printer of the Year Award for the books – Thesaurus (Dreamland), Visual Dictionary (Penguin India), Textbook of Medical Laboratory Technology (CBS Publishers) and Indian Mammals (Hachette), endorsing their claims for excellence.

The competition in the printing industry is getting stronger as the years pass by. It is MTL’s view that value added services will be the key differentiator between one printer and another. While publishers concentrate on the content and marketing, it is the printer with capabilities to support the publishers in all allied parts of the business process—manufacturing to time and quality parameters, logistics and distribution that will thrive. Besides their acclaimed strengths in high quality as well as large volume prints in various formats, MTL has strong offerings in the pre-media, publishing on digital platforms, high security environment and logistics.

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