Birds of the Snows


Author/Translator: Tarannum Riyaz

Publisher: Niyogi Books

(Pp 498, ISBN 978-93-91125-28-8, Rs 695

This sensitive novel has been translated from Urdu by the author Tarannum Riyaz herself, but she succumbed to Covid before this book as published. The book traces the journey of a family in Kashmir. Sheba is the protagonist, who wishes to be free, just like a bird.

What makes this book more appealing are the weaving together of historical facts, mythology, folklore and even segments of poetry, not to forget the vivid descriptions of beautiful landscapes of Kashmir. It also explores the journey of Kashmir from a rural to urban life and the impact of modern thinking. The book touches the heart of the reader and gives a glimpse into the life of people, specially a conservative Muslim girl in Kashmir.

-Varsha Verma

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