Innovative digital content is the way forward!


The digital age has given rise to new challenges in education, cost, quality, accessibility, and more, because of which ingraining technology in the field of education is no more an option but a necessity. One of the most significant changes brought on by technology is that the kids are not confined to the four walls of the classroom anymore. The result isthe availability of innovative digital content that is strategic, creative, and integrated with the process.

Accessing the study material is much easier owing to its versatility and global availability, and students don’t need to go to libraries and go through endless encyclopedias to get the relevant information. Moreover, the easy availability of the material encourages students to be more proactive with their studies and make more effort to ace the topics. The ingenuity of smart content is that it allows for easy discoverability and accessibility and hence, better serves the target audience. Furthermore, smart content is very beneficial to teachers and students as it is always optimized and adaptive by being well integrated across all channels.

Another major reason for introducing technology in education is to connect the students with today’s reality to help them stay current on worldly issues. The innovative technology disrupting the EdTech industry enables educators to base their teachings on the dynamism of the real world with the help of virtual tours, augmented reality, and more.

Straive has been at the forefront of eLearning solutions for several years. We have enhanced elearning solutions with source, process, and technical knowledge gained while being a preferred partner of leading educational institutions and publishers.In addition, Straive helps ensure content delivery and acts as a strategic partner for end-to-end content needs. These include design and development, study support, digital content transformation, accessibility, localization, exploration, transformation, artificial intelligence, and customer support.

-Shanmugasundaram Selvaraj

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