“Technology is a medium to deliver additional value to print books”

Shares Nitin Jain, Executive Director of B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd in conversation with All About Book Publishing.


Nitin JainPegasus, an imprint of B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd, is a renowned publisher for children’s books & founded in 2008 with a mission to provide premium quality and value-for-money products. Popcorn was started in early 2020 as an extension of Pegasus with an aim to create a difference in games & puzzles. “We have a wide range of products for children which includes early learning books, workbooks, activity books, illustrated story books and puzzles for kids aged 0-12 years. Our products focuses on developing various skills inchildren,” tells Nitin Jain, Executive Director of B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd.

On books and more…

“Pegasus brings over 300 new titles every year and our books are available in more than 30 languages,” he shares. They publish books & puzzles under various brands like:

• Lil Stars : includes early learning books for babies and toddlers.

• Educater : focuses on flashcards, charts and school resources

• The Workbook Co. : Workbooks that focus on developing fine motor skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills and other skills.

• Read & Shine : includes all the storybooks for little readers.

• Storica : all about picture books

• Curious Minds : is full of knowledge and encyclopedias for young readers.

• Busy Bee : keeps little ones engaged in activity and colouring books

• Timeless Books : are books for adults consisting of biographies, self help books and adult colouring books.

• Popcorn : includes amazing games and puzzles for children

No boundaries for sales…

“Pegasus has become a household name when it comes to children’s books. Pegasus products are available in almost all of the English speaking countries and we have partnered with various publishers in other language countries to bring outour books in their local languages. We are proud to have exported books to over 70 countries,” tells Nitin.

How technology has impacted children’s books…

“I am a firm believer in technology and I believe tech has to go hand in hand with print in order for us (publishers) to succeed. New technology has given a lot of excitement to little ones that paper can’t. We are integrating our products with apps that helps our readers get valuable content and information that goes beyond the books,” he shares.

Innovations at Pegasus…

“We have gone a step further by using technology as a medium to deliver additional value to our print books. Most of our children’s books are now internet linked with some value addition available in form of an app be it a simple read-aloud App to AR App that makes reading more fun for children,” he tells.

Challenges in the children’s book segment…

“The future for books is still very bright, especially children books. The need for good quality children books have increased specially after the pandemic where parents realised the impact of screen time. However, there has been a change in terms of how people buy books. More and more people are buying books online wherein it is impacting the sales at the offline (brick & mortar) stores and it will have a long term impact on the entire publishing industry,” opines Nitin.

New opportunities….

“The market for children’s books is huge. Now, with e-books and apps taking off, there are new opportunities to turn traditional story books into interactive experiences. One of the key factors driving growth in the interactive children’s books market is the use of interactive books for early literacy. Interactive children’s books help children to develop reading skills quickly and are widely used by parents to both educate and spend time with their children. These books help tackle the most important challenge, which is attention, when it comes to children reading books. This is why we are working on adopting technology in the global interactive children’s books market,” concludes Nitin.

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