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DC Books has recently released Tharakans Granthavari (The Chronicles of Tharakan) written by the JCB Prize winner Benyamin (Author of Jasmine Days).This book, its production and publication is a one of a kind endeavour.

“While during our annual Literature Festival in 2019, we had mentioned to Benyamin of the potential of writing a novel that would break the current format Benyamin has a reputation of playing with the form and content of his narrative’s and has had successful readership on all his novels be it his crime /mystery thriller Manjaveyil Maranangal (Yellow Lights of Death) , the retelling of the Arab Spring from the story of a diaspora perspective in the twin novels of Jasmine Days & Al Arabian Novel Factory to the semi biographical novel of his home town in Manthalirile Irupathu Communist Varshangal Tharakans Grandhavari is unique and experimental in its attempt and format as it tells a story through 120 incidents. What heightens the reading experience novel is the fact that the 120 incidents can be read in any order,” tells Ravi DeeCee of DC Books.

“What happens in the narrative can be dictated by the readers’ choice, to facilitate and compound the uniqueness and flexibility of the narrative, we have published the book as 120 loose cards, with each copy of the book being uniquely assembled such that each copy is a distinct permutation of the many possibilities in which the novel could be read. What makes up the plot is the story of Mathu Tharakan,” he adds.

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