Jaipur BookMark returns to ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival in 2015


Following its triumphant debut, Jaipur BookMark, an international publishing event, will again be hosted in the Pink City in January 2015, in association with the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2015. A dynamic forum for the global publishing industry, with talks, discussion and seminars focused on the emerging South Asian books and allied services markets, Jaipur BookMark (JBM) will take place from January 21-22, 2015 at Narain Niwas, in Jaipur in association with the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2015. The event also creates a unique platform for publishing professionals from across the world to come together and connect with their South Asian counterparts over issues facing the industry as a whole. “Every year this literature festival draws not just book lovers, but also publishers, international agents and other trade professionals from across the world. Jaipur BookMark is our way of recognising Jaipur’s place in the global publishing map,” stated Neeta Gupta, publisher and co-organiser of the Jaipur BookMark.

“Just as the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival focuses on writers, books and ideas, BookMark highlights the driving forces behind these narratives. It studies the rapidly evolving changes in the publishing industry in South Asia and the world, and celebrates the biblio-diversity of languages, formats and reading audiences,” informed Namita Gokhale, author and co-director of the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival. Sanjoy Roy, producer of the Jaipur BookMark said, “We are excited to launch the second edition of the Jaipur BookMark, a new platform for the global publishing industry that visit ZEE JLF every year. We are looking forward to seeing this event grow in scale and impact.”

In addition to this, and due to popular demand, the 2015 Jaipur BookMark will also play host to a Rights Area where publishers, writers and agents can meet for B2B meetings. The Rights Area will be similar in set-up to many of the Rights Areas at the world’s major book fairs, however the Jaipur BookMark Rights Area will provide a unique platform for South Asian publishing professionals to meet their peers from across the world.

Industry Background

With an estimated population of around 1.8 billion, South Asia ranks a close third, after the US and UK, in English and language publishing. It is home to about 30 languages, 24 of which are Indian, each with an independent print and publishing culture of its own. South Asia is potentially seen as a major outsourcing hub for pre- and post-publishing services — be it print, design, editorial or marketing. It is also one of the few markets still witnessing major growth in both print and digital publishing together. Within South Asia, India enjoys a reputation for being among the top publishing nations in the world.

JBM will focus on:

  • Forces that are redefining publishing: From social media to distribution, what should publishing professionals be aware of in their rapidly changing industry?
  • New technologies: Kindles, Kobos, iPads and audiobooks; what does all these new technologies mean for the industry from writers to editors, marketers to consumers?
  • Translations and adaptations: How do we translate content across multi-media and digital borders including e-books, audio books, graphic texts and cross-media conversions?
  • Freedom of expression: How can we promote solidarity amongst publishers regarding the right to publish and who should decide what is publishable and what is not?
  • The role of national library and archives: With more access to information available online than ever before, regardless of location, what new role could and should national libraries and national archives play in making information accessible to all?

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