Grand Mother’s Herbal Remedies


Author: Dr Dinanath Rai
Publisher: Kundalini Yoga Research Institute, Lucknow
(Pp 164, ISBN 81-900929-1-X, Rs 80)

Indian scriptures abound in references to medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. India has a rich supply of medicinal plants and despite all the medicines available at the medical stores; we still resort to herbal remedies for common ailments. Some of these remedies have been scientifically proved to be effective. Grand Mother’s Herbal Remedies is a collection of such remedies.

The book explains 65 herbs, their common names, parts used for medicine, details about the plant, method of administration and therapeutic benefits. All these remedies have been given by Dr Dinanath Rai, who is a practicing Yoga and Ayurveda expert and founder president of the Indian Academy of Natural Therapeutics, Lucknow.
–V Verma

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