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Professional publications play an important role in bringing to its readers important aspects of trade which help in highlighting changes, trends, challenges and insights, which enable their audience to understand and make informed decisions. Not only do we report but give in-depth information on opinions, views,technology and importantly bring forth diversity. Our cover story theme Role of Professional Publications brings to you some very interesting information from people who give you valuable insights.

And as we were working on this special theme, a perfect coincidence was Publishers Weekly 150th anniversary and as George Slowik shares, “We should be proud of how we as an international publishing community have steered the industry ever forward, reporting on developments within the industry but shaping its future, too, by rewarding excellence in the selection of books to review and giving voice to the forward-thinkers and visionaries in our industry.”

Porter Anderson, Publishing Perspectives tells us, “Our “contribution” is a journalistic filter, an informed eye. Our promise to our professional publishing readers is that they’re not hearing from publishing’s own players– who absolutely rightly love their work and want to promote it. Instead, our readers are hearing from journalists who specialize in covering publishing.”

While, Fabrice Piault of Livres Hebdo says “We are a reference point for the industry and enable them to have information. We are also observers and partners who enable the industry to think about the future.” He further shares the success of their webinars and the synergies they bring to the book world.
Ruediger Wischenbart who also founded PubMagNet (a network of leading international book trade magazines in 2008) gives insights as to how critical information about international book markets and players is complicated and book trade publications must take their learnings and developments to reach out to new audience by adapting and innovating.

As we all celebrate books in every aspect–information, events, fairs, formats, festivals, reading – do send in your views on Educational Technology (EdTech)- The Growing Indian Story – our next issue (July- August) theme.
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