Bookazine USA comes closer to Indian book lovers


US-based independent books magazine wholesaler, Bookazine has recently opened its Delhi office. “Bookazine is no stranger to India and hopefully in the near term, India will not be a stranger to Bookazine,” says its global president, sales, Cindy Raiton. “We recently established a local office here in Delhi to plant the foundation for a long term partnership with the India book trade. Seetharaman Jagannathan, is the sales director.”

Bookazine, founded in 1929, has many similarities to most Indian book industry firms, as a third generation family owned business, with the management team having an average of over 30 years of US and international market experience and expertise. It has been providing personalized services globally, to brick-and-mortar bookstores, online retailers, libraries & library suppliers, transportation centers, distributors & wholesalers and academic institutions.

“We understand what it takes to grow and continue to reinvent business strategies in today’s book industry. We are here to work together with the Indian book world, to enhance the availability of book and magazine products in India,” says Bookazine COO, Richard Kallman. “I want to assure you that our intention is to work with you and find synergies where we can each benefit from one another’s strengths,” adds Richard.

Experts in international shipping logistics employing multiple warehouse locations, Bookazine now creates cross-docking systems to efficiently process and ship products globally. These benefits now would be extended to Indian trade buyers. This technology-driven company applies a Time-saving consolidated ordering system that translates into one shipment, one invoice and one customer service contact.

Bookazine plans to add value to the Indian book lovers by bringing in an amazing range of books on a host of categories – trade, general and children books, reference, science, technology, medical, management, humanities and social sciences, independent and university press and independent author books. Bookazine is here to serve this inspiring industry and help grow businesses. By helping to make available millions of books never before seen – frontlist and back list titles – and shipping them out quickly is their USP.

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