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 A publishers plays an important role in connecting authors with their target readers. They help writers to showcase their creative skills and help readers to benefit from the writings. Here’s what publishers say about their role in promoting reading habits.

“We try to reach out to as many children as possible”
At Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle, we have always been aware of the educational impact our comic stories have on children, especially when it comes to improving one’s language skills. For years, both were seen as a great way to help children speak English better, and now, with our work in the regional space, we’re actively helping English-speaking Indian children understand their mother tongue better. Over the years, we have made our books available in 50 plus languages, going beyond the borders of India and working with languages like Mandarin, French and Bahasa among others. Right now, on our Amar Chitra Katha digital app, we have over a hundred titles available in Indian languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, with more being added every day. Even as I write this down, Tinkle is actively tying up with regional partners in Assam and Kerala to make our back catalogue available in Assamese and Malayalam respectively. Beyond our books, we also actively conduct storytelling sessions and workshops in various languages, so that we can reach out to as many children as possible and let everyone take advantage of our massive bank of stories. Even though we are a primarily English publication, the strength of being multilingual is definitely not lost on us!
-Kuriakose Saju Vaisian, Editor-in-Chief, Tinkle Comics

“Publishers are an enabler for education”
Publishers play a big role in supporting everyone by providing the right content for education. Through books they provide a platform for writers and an opportunity for the readers to understand various topics.


Publishers provide knowledge hence are an enabler for education and nurturing a tradition to read and learn. Publishers do take on new roles and participate with instructional community and libraries. Having close interaction with our customers, we understand what the reader wants and promote content in various formats for the ease of the reader.
-Dr J S Chauhan, Director, Nitya Publications, Bhopal MP India


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