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-BPI offers innovative, stimulating, and fun-filled products for children

BPI stands amongst the leading children’s book publishers and educational toy creators. Since its inception, it has grown manifold and is one of the fastest growing publishing houses in India. Today, it has a strong foothold in the Indian as well as overseas markets. At BPI, the focus is on providing high-quality books, toys and stationery for children. BPI products are innovative, user-friendly and exclusively designed to be simulating and fun for children, parents and teachers alike.

Children’s books in various genres still remain the prime focus at BPI. Books designed in this category have quality content and exquisite visuals that capture children’s imagination. They combine entertainment with education and make the process of learning simple, easy and fun-oriented.

Continuing with its efforts, BPI is soon releasing a series of products that are each different from the other and cater to children of various age groups. These include Disney educational books such as Parent & Child Read Together and Smart Beginnings, generic board books, generic puzzles and a lot more.

BPI is pleased to present the lovable characters of Disney world to children through educational books that are sure to make children dance with joy. Each series has a purpose of imparting knowledge to children besides being fun and entertaining. Parent & Child Read Together is a perfect series for parents to work closely with their children and help them develop language and reading skills. It emphasises on the use of sight words as an easy and accessible way to help children gain mastery over reading skills.

Disney Smart Beginnings is a perfect series of workbooks to introduce children to the world around them. The workbooks contain colourful illustrations, fun activities and amazing facts that will engage children. The books provide ample scope for children to practise writing letters and numbers, and to recognise shapes and colours. The lively illustrations are truly captivating and hold children’s interest for long. With more series to follow, Disney educational books are sure to be a rage among children of all ages.

BPI is also gearing up to launch a series of board books for toddlers and generic puzzles for preschoolers. The board books are intended to introduce toddlers to the amazing world of alphabet, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, colours and shapes and make the learning process so simple that little ones will love to hold the books in their hands, identify the pictures and recall them. Children of this age group will be fascinated by bright, vibrant pictures in the board books and will love to come back to them time and again. The books are carefully designed with rounded edges for safety purpose.

Generic puzzles are the next in line that BPI will soon launch for preschoolers. These puzzles are learning tools for those children who are in their formative years. Children will put together the puzzle pieces to make complete pairs and thus learn basic concepts and develop essential skills that are prerequisite to primary education. Most children of this age group find it difficult to focus their energies on one particular thing. As such, it becomes imperative to use methods that can engage children as well as make their learning process enjoyable. BPI generic puzzles aim to do just that. The puzzles make use of bright, child-friendly illustrations, clear text and an interactive teaching method that combine to educate as well as entertain children.

With these products and a lot more, BPI aims to explore the wonderful world of children and develop more such products that challenge young minds, and teach and prepare them early in life for more complex concepts that they come across in their later learning years.

Virgin Galactic partners with global publisher DK

Virgin Galactic, the privately-funded space company owned by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Abu Dhabi’s aabar Investments PJS, announced a partnership with global book publisher DK to create seven exclusive titles over the next two years. The first book under the agreement, Virgin Galactic: The Ultimate Experience, will be published in October 2014 as Virgin Galactic moves toward the launch of commercial spaceflight.

Capturing the wonder and possibility of space, the books are designed to narrate Virgin Galactic’s story of building the world’s first spaceline and the journey of spaceflight through beautiful storytelling and photography. The flagship book, Virgin Galactic: The Ultimate Experience, will inspire excitement surrounding the build-up to Virgin Galactic’s inaugural commercial spaceflight. This fully-illustrated family reference book will take an exclusive look at the revolutionary spacecraft and take readers through each step of the journey planned for Virgin Galactic astronauts.

Critically-acclaimed and bestselling publishers DK share Virgin Galactic’s vision to capture the story of modern human spaceflight. The books aim to draw young people in particular into the excitement surrounding the democratisation of space and Virgin Galactic’s commitment to inspire and enable young people to pursue STEM- (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based education and careers. The books explore the importance of better access to space to the future of humanity, along with the enterprising personalities and the visionary entrepreneurism that commercial spaceflight represents.

Other titles planned for 2014 include, Make Your Own: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, and Ultimate Sticker Collection: Virgin Galactic. Four more titles are planned for release in 2015.

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