The future of education lies in blended learning

Prema Ramalingam, Director, Jouve India Pvt. Ltd shares her views on how technology can transform the Indian educational system.


In the realm of education, 2020 was a year of change, adaptation, adoption, and evolution. The pandemic has shown that if people are innovative, they can be educated anywhere, regardless of their geographical location.

In India, The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) was unveiled on July 29, 2020. The NEP aspires to democratize education by allowing universal access to all levels of schooling, resulting in a future when all children are enrolled in school and receive an education.

Blended Learning – Beyond just a concept

Prema says, “We are frequently asked at Jouve why an online platform is needed, now that educational institutions have returned to in-person instruction. The
concept of blended learning holds the answer.”

Blended learning is a teaching style that consists of both traditional instructions combined with online or digital instruction.Studies have shown that Blended Learning,

  • Reinforces engagement, learning and retention through adoption of multiple modalities of content delivery.
  • Offers students autonomy over their speed of learning.
  • Increases accessibility to expert teachers and content – anytime, anywhere.

“As a social responsibility measure during the pandemic, Jouve started its technological development of the J-Connect platform to help students across schools, colleges and institutes to pursue seamless learning. Today, we serve the learning community at large and technology has enabled us to surpass all geographical boundaries. Prema Ramalingam,
Director, Jouve India Pvt.Ltd

J-Connect and blended learning Schools…

Jouve approached many schools in India during the pandemic, where they were faced with the difficulty of accessing content online in a unified platform. Most of the teacher’s time was spent in coordinating with student’s parents on chat apps and video conferencing platforms. Assessments took a huge hit as the educators could not deliver the same and monitor student submissions.

Even after the schools reopened, many teachers felt that students preferred online classes as there was more freedom and access to content digitally than in-person classes where the content was limited to textbooks.

Solution: J-Connect with its school-based customizations,

  • Enabled role-based logins for the school’s admin, teachers and students.
  • Digitized existing content with seamless upload of the same for student access- online and offline.
  • Created assessment modules to replicate on paper evaluation.
  • Created chat boxes for 1:1 interaction between the teachers and students for feedback.

Many teachers have reported that they saved at least 50% time by using J-Connect. Most importantly, even after the schools have resumed in-person sessions the schools use the J-Connect platform to give the experience of learning concepts digitally through videos, images and other educational content available on the internet.


Jouve was approached by an NGO that focuses on skill development in the rural parts of India. The program focuses on skilling the rural workforce with soft skills and language training.

The NGO was faced with the difficulty of,

  • Connecting with partners who have exclusive experience in developing and redesigning educational content and are flexible to customize their learning platforms as per the requirements of the programs.
  • Migrating their existing courses online in a secure manner.
  • Curriculum redesign to suit online mode of content delivery.

Solution: The J-connect platform was customized to accommodate,

  • Courses with multiple modules and within each module, assessments to monitor the over progress of the student at the course level.
  • Intuitive and real-time feedback for the assessments that would guide the student on areas for development.

Jouve with its vast experience in the educational sector, could assemble a team of curriculum experts and instructional designers to redesign the existing content for it to be migrated online and match international standards and in a very cost-effective manner.


A publisher from UK reached out to Jouve to help them load their training course materials to educate all the teachers in “phonics learning” as per the new announcement by the UK Government.
Solution: J-Connect was customized to,

  • Host the courses already existent along with interactives like videos and workbooks.
  • Create new courses.
  • Conduct MCQs based tests for educators.
  • Reports to track overall progress.

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