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The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live. With limited footfalls in brick-and-mortar stores and issues at the backend like problems in paper procurement, the industry is still grappling with the crisis.However, books have still managed to hold steady for Om Books International.


Om Books International has been weathering the storm with fortitude. It has been their endeavour to ride the storm in a manner that neither the people working with them nor their authors are adversely affected.

Coffee table books…

Despite the obstacles, Om Books has brought out gorgeous coffee-table books like Raghu Rai’s and Gurmeet S. Rai’s paean to the holy city, Amritsar: A City in Remembrance; a sumptuous cookbook Kunal Kapur in the Kitchen and Babi Nobi’s ode to the big cats, Great Wild Cats: Born To Be Free. “These underline our commitment to bringing our expertise to create the best in well-designed big-format books. At the same time our classics list has grown steadily to provide to the readers a peek into international literary giants,” says Ajay Mago of Om Books International.

Diversifying into other genres…

“We have utilized the time to introspect on the publishing profile ahead in the light of our experiences. Coffee tables continue to be a part of our profile as does the best of children’s publishing across age groups. At the same time, we are branching out in a number of genres. These include anthologies, true crime dossiers, ghost and horror stories, biographies, humour, sports, issues of contemporary importance. Some of our recently published and/or much-awaited books include Samir Soni’s take on depression and anxiety, My Experiments with Silence; Tarika Roy and Soumya Gupta’s laugh-out-loud take on going crazy in India, Mad(e) in India; an internationally renowned film-maker’s memoir of working with the legendary Soumitra Chatterjee; and the authorized biography of the founder of Aakash Institute, J.C. Chaudhary, a scintillating business story. There is an anthology on motherhood that is forthcoming as also Sharika Sharma’s take on the pandemic-induced lockdown, Monkeys in My Garden, a book on the FIFA World Cup, one on Satyajit Ray to mark his hundredth anniversary, and many others,” he adds.

Motivating young authors…

“Among the many initiatives at Om has been the endeavour to get young authors to publish with us. The efforts yielded 12-year-old Sia Gupta’s wonderful take, The Mahabharata in Rhyme, with books by 17-year-old authors Shubhi Agarwal (a mythological take on the love story of Lakshman and Urmila) and Prarthna Batra (a millennial guide to success for Gen-Z) coming soon,” adds Ajay.

What’s more?

“And as we end the year, the icing on the cake has been Om’s collaboration with InstitutFrançais India/Embassy of France for their year-long festival Bonjour India 2022 as well as being the primary sponsor of the much-revered Goncourt Prize of India (India’s choice of the best francophone literary work across the world),” tells Ajay.

A new generation of publishers are being created through the development of open publishing platforms. These platforms are making it easier for anyone from publishers, businesses, authors and educators to publish their books, while challenging the traditional publishing model. Digital publishing innovations like print on demand, metadata, content enrichment and e-book conversion are just some of the services opening new doors, increasing distribution, boosting sales, cutting costs, and enhancing the reader experience. They are shaping the future of the publishing industry for the better and more publishers should be taking full advantage of these advances to grow their business. “The digital space will always be a playground of new opportunity, presenting exciting times for publishers as the industry undergoes its biggest change in modern years. We at Om are committed to travel this new landscape with confidence and conviction,” concludes Ajay.

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