Traditional publisher goes digital to connect with Gen Z

Oswal Publishers ventures into four new areas of digital adoption to keep pace with Gen Z.


Oswal Publishers have been in the publishing industry for over 35 years. The publisher develops a diverse range of books from textbooks, competitive exam books, sample papers, question banks and more for Class 9th-12th students. Their only motto is Simplifying Exams.

Traditional publishing was performing excellently, but Tanay Jain, Director – Oswal Publishers, kept up with the pace of Gen Z. “Gen Z is more fluent in technology, so I kept looking for new ways to connect with the audience,” he said.

The tech-savvy leader ventured into four new areas of digital adoption:

  1. Video-based query resolution: Oswal Gurukul books are integrated with an instant doubt resolution video platform. Students can take a picture of any question and upload it on the app mentioned in the book. Then, a video solution of the question is played in response. A student may not have to wait for hours to meet their teacher for clarifying doubts. With the technology boom, it is just a snap away.
  2. Adopting ebooks: With students tilting towards ebooks, Oswal Gurukul books are available in popular ebook formats- Kindle and Google Books. The publisher also partnered with an online platform that provides group access to study material for large institutions. So, all students of the institution can access their ebooks.
  3. Launching a new online test platform: Oswal team is building an online test platform for students. What’s distinct in this test platform is that students can customize their tests. Each child is unique with a different learning style and pace. So they can choose topics they wish to attempt even with difficulty level. The publisher understands it cannot be one size fits all.
  4. Conducting free tests on Telegram: Post pandemic, the syllabus and format were changed for the board exam. Students were anxious about the new format. To help them get familiar with it, the publisher conducted free tests for all CBSE, ICSE and ISC students. A dedicated team planned and coordinated all the tests with an immensely positive response from students.

Oswal team is still planning more advancements. When asked about further plans, Tanay shared, “We want to customize the test platform more with enhanced feedback features. We wish to give a much closer experience to offline exam evaluation.” The publisher is sure to solve more problems the techie way.

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