Parragon Enters The Fiction Domain With Launch Of – A Book Of Short Stories!

Parragon always has been passionate about content! With so many genres in the kitty, the struggle has been to add more that reflects upon the thoughts of millions of readers all across the boundaries. And nothing is more enriching than to reflect upon the thoughts through exhilarating fiction series!


The relentless efforts of the Parragon Publishing team converge to keep the literary interests alive and scale up the publishing options to keep the underlying spark of publishing intact.Hence, to add on to their enormous heritage and make a footstep in the burgeoning commercial fiction market, Parragon is proud to announce the publishing of The Inexact Room by Salil Chaturvedi. The first ever venture will see a wonderful collection of short stories.

The author has himself been a voracious reader and aspires to bring more books like these in future. “The stories in this collection are varied and fall into various genres, and it has been deeply heartening that Parragon has been very open to experiment. The book plays with form, comprising short stories and flash fiction pieces, traditional narrative style to a more inventive storytelling, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the Parragon team’s commitment to carrying an author’s vision through, whether it is on the editorial front or the book design aspects,” says Salil Chaturvedi.

The initial manuscript that was received from the author was fine-tuned by their editorial consultant, Nirad Grover. He collaborated with Parragon editorial team to finalize the manuscript for printing. For him, the experience of finalizing the book has been a symbiotic relationship. At times, the ambivalent situations to bring about the best for the prospective readers have been a challenge.

Authors frequently crib about the changes that the editors make. There have been situations where authors feel that content curators sacrifice fine points of scholarship or refinement of style to sale appeal. However, in this case, the relationship was rather smooth and well-defined to the extent that both the parties trusted the decisions made by the other and coincidentally all were on the same page when it came to reflecting upon the thoughts for the readers.

The back and forth of the manuscript from one desk to another, for implementing the recommendations, facilitated the dissemination of work to the readers. This also meant nurturing each other’s interests that contributes significantly to the book development life cycle. “By the time the manuscript came to me, it was pretty rounded and did not require any major thoughts on form or substance. Having said that, Salil was easy with, and open to, suggestions on running the final straight. Basically, I could enjoy the book, without, in a sense, having to ‘work’ on it. Salil’s stories, while rooted in India and Indian characters, cover a wide landscape of emotions, ideas and society. They carry love, longing and loss, but also hope and humour. They are tightly woven, and all in all, immensely readable,” says Nirad Grover.

“Content is the king and that will stay forever. Resilience to be adaptable to meet market needs and provide a conducive publishing platform for the authors and editors is our motive. We give liberty to play around with words to churn out a unique combination that represents phenomenal quality content. Parragon strives to embark on this new journey with famous fiction authors who bring to life the real-life scenarios through the right selection of words! Parragon has always been the reader’s first choice for children’s illustrated books and encyclopaedic content. With this new journey, I’m sure we will soon be the most sought after publisher in fiction domain as well,” says Vineet Sharma.

The book is set to release in January 2022 under Toran Press, an imprint of PPIPLUK (holding company of Parragon Publishing India Limited). Toran Press is passionate about creating original, thought-provoking and beautiful books that promote positivity and wellbeing in adults and children. It will be marketed by Parragon Publishing India Limited in India and MENA region while PPIPLUK would do it for rest of the world.

The teams at PPIPLUK & Parragon Publishing India Limited have collaborated to bring out their first fiction book that is sure to touch the hearts of the connoisseurs of literature and will bring to light various emotions through a classic selection of words. A regional touch has been added to the stories through vernacular dialect that will entice the readers and help them visualize a scenario.

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