“CCC remains focused on collaborating with publishers to create solutions together”

says Michael Healy, Executive Director, , International Relations, CCC, in conversation with All About Book Publishing.


Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) is a not-for-profit organization and leading provider of licensing solutions. Here, Michael Healy, Executive Director, International Relations, CCC shares more about this organisation.

The mission…

“CCC’s mission is advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge and powering innovation. A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright and information management, CCC designs and delivers innovative information solutions that power decision-making by helping people integrate and navigate data sources and content assets. We collaborate with our customers to accelerate discovery and progress by shortening the distance between data, information, and insight. CCC actively advocates for copyright around the world, engaging governments, stakeholders, and individuals with educational programming and thought leadership. Customers typically include publishers, businesses, educational and academic institutions, etc.,” tells Michael.

How CCC works…

“With copyright and licensing as our foundation, we meet and anticipate customers’ demands for new and enhanced content and data licenses strengthened with complementary content, software and professional services offerings. As organizations across the spectrum work to integrate disparate data sources to identify new opportunities, we’re working together in advanced information management, adaptive business models, data pipeline and content workflow solutions. Our tailored solutions embrace the market shift to Open Access with powerful tools and data indicators,” he adds.

Benefits for publishers …

CCC has worked closely with publishers of all kinds for decades. The publishing industry continues to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions with powerful content and technology platforms. “At CCC, we remain focused on collaborating with publishers to create solutions together. We’re committed to helping them grow their business, implement new business models and find new revenue opportunities while we continue to advocate for copyright in partnership with trade associations globally,” tells Michael.

“Publishers have been participating in CCC’s various licensing services on a non-exclusive and voluntary basis for decades. CCC’s experience in technology and data management enables us to quickly develop data-driven rights and licensing solutions for publishers,” he adds.

Publishers at CCC…

“Publishers of all kinds – scientific, technical, medical, news, and trade – have been working with us for a long time, in some cases for several decades. They entrust their rights to us on a voluntary and non-exclusive basis, and we now have hundreds of millions of rights under management and in our licenses. Our licenses include rights granted by publishers all around the world,” tells Michael proudly.

Events for the publishing community…

“We have greatly expanded our live webcast programming to meet our community where they are today – online. This includes our Town Hall program, which offers insights and ideas from publishing community thought leaders; our Copyright Education program, which offers programs from the basics of copyright in the workplace to certificate programs for those seeking a higher level of expertise; and our Velocity of Content blog and podcast programs offering coverage of innovative technology solutions,” tells Michael.

On partnership with SciBite….

CCC enables publishers to offer their rights and grant permissions online, offer content through CCC channels, monitor royalty distribution payments from CCC, manage Open Access institutional agreements, automate article publishing charges (APCs), and leverage Open Access and workflow expertise to drive innovation. “We offer Semantic Search within RightFind Navigate through a partnership with SciBite, an award-winning semantic technology organization and Elsevier company. We have also added several powerful features to RightFind Enterprise,” adds Michael.

On a concluding note…

“Publishers partner with CCC to boost license revenues, find new markets for content, and explore opportunities for data integration,” concludes Michael.

Michael Healy is Executive Director, International Relations, at CCC. Prior to joining CCC, he was Executive Director of The Book Rights Registry, and previously Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group, a New York-based non-profit body dedicated to improving the efficiency of the book industry by providing standards, research, education and information. Healy has worked in the publishing and information industries for more than 25 years and has spent most of that time in senior editorial, sales and distribution roles in digital publishing. He is currently a board member of the Copyright Hub Foundation (UK) and Chairman of the Board of The International Standard Name Identifier.

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