Publishing riding the social media wave!

Social media for the publishing world might sound contradictory at times but today, the two seem like a perfect fit.


Perhaps the most significant channel the publishing industry harnesses to its potential is the community layer. Many brands like Penguin Random House and HarperCollins India have built a thriving community of readers and authors. This community is the backbone of their widespread presence on social media. A case in point can be their Instagram handles which boasts of a vast following of book bloggers or bookstagrammers, readers and authors.

Instagram is a new way forward

Even though other platforms like Facebook and Twitter help generate buzz, Instagram takes publicity and marketing to a whole new level. The publishing brands have tapped on this opportunity to sell their products.

Using newer ways to sell books

Digital book promotions have become the rule of the day. Social media has given an enormous platform to brands to promote their books as creatively as possible. Book trailers (with a similar feel and effect as a movie trailer), book reels on Instagram, author lives and sessions, and collaborations with influencers are some of the many techniques used commonly by publishing brands. These tools/strategies amplify the reach of their books while building a loyal fan-base.

Authors are the new influencers

Social media has given a spectrum of opportunities to authors on a platter where they can showcase not just their book-titles but also their personalities. A classic example is romance author Ravinder Singh. The author enjoys a huge following on Facebook and Instagram where he interacts with his readers directly, ensuring a strong bond. Other authors turned influencers like Durjoy Datta, Jay Shetty, Chetan Bhagat, Anahita Dhondy Bhandari have an astronomical fan-base too.

Some tips to look into..

1. Instagram Reels: Reels have become the most popular tool for any brand to experiment with. Publishers like HarperCollins India have successfully created a new trend of creating reels that appeals to the audience.

2. E-commerce: Using digital marketing to enhance E-commerce sales can have a direct impact on ROI (Return on Investment). Publishers like Harpercollins have their own amazon store for its famous Collins Modern Classic series.

3. Exploring the unexplored: Not only Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but publishers should also explore platforms like Snapchat and Clubhouse which provide space to tell stories differently.

4. Trendjacking: Brands should never miss a chance of hopping onto trends, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With a touch of humour and great content, Simon and Schuster India have made a good fan base when it comes to their reels videos.

5. Blogs: Blogs and newsletters are other ways a brand can spread the word about its products. Publishing brands such as HarperCollins India have dedicated blogs where the audience get a better sense of books and authors.

6. BookTubers: Youtube has become the go to spot for brands to showcase their products. In the case of the publishing industry, YouTube provides a space to build a community where digitization of books and its content help readers relate more to the brand and to the specific book/content. For instance, HarperBroadcast which boasts of a flourishing community on YouTube where the brand collates author videos, reading sessions, book trailers, book launches and much more.

A digital wave has come and publishing brands are surely riding the wave.

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