The Last Puff


Author: Dr Sajeela Maini
Publisher: Sajeela Publishing House, New Delhi
(Pp 284, ISBN 978-93-5137-478-7, Rs 395)

A smoker has a weird and wonderful bond with his cigarette. He loves his cigarettes as much as he hates them. Categorically written for all those smokers who wish to quit smoking, the book handholds the reader in this process of quitting smoking. The book is divided into four parts – the smoker (smoker’s mind, the last puff preparedness questionnaire, mirages and truths), the facts (why tobacco and other products are harmful), the mantras to quit smoking, and the therapy (therapy and relapse prevention mantras (RPM).

The author Dr Sajeela Maini has given real-life examples of her experiences with smokers for more than a decade. This book is an attempt to dentangle the addiction and set smokers free from bondage and slavery of cigarettes.

–Varsha Verma

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