What Would apple Do?


Author: Dirk Beckmann
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
(Pp 184, ISBN 978-81-8495-563-7, Rs 299)

Apple’s must-have products add up to one giant success story – iPod, iPad, iTunes, App store, et al. What makes Apple the most innovative company on the planet? Well, Apple is more than just Steve Jobs. Apple is a concept – it does exactly the opposite of what any other company would do. Unlike Google and other internet giants, it makes its users pay for the products. It combines traditional business thinking with the endless opportunities of the digital age.

The book What Apple Would Do? reveals how you can learn from Apple to develop compelling business ideas and market them successfully. And this seems to be a concept worth learning! The author has gone a step further by penning his thoughts on what would happen if Apple developed a car, a kitchen, a TV, an e-learning platform, travel agent or a toy system. All in all, it is an interesting book and gives an insight on the learnings from Apple.

–Vasu V

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