Leading children’s book publisher is all set to sail in the digital sea!

The ‘digital’ range of Parragon India will include over 2000 titles across various categories like storybooks, reference books, and lifestyle books in a phased manner.


Parragon Publishing India is readying to launch digital products, through which they plan to make their content available on multiple digital platforms to begin with. The ‘digital’ range of Parragon India will include over 2000 titles across various categories like storybooks, reference books, and lifestyle books in a phased manner.

Expanding horizons…

While the company continues to invest in printed books, it also sees tremendous opportunity in the digital space. Parragon feels that digital publishing should not be just restricted to bringing out the e-books. It also means making the content accessible as audio books, e-books, and interactive books. Multiple and easy to access formats will enable the children to read the content whenever and wherever they wish to.

The reassurance that physical books would also stay could be welcoming news for those who still enjoy holding the book while flipping through the pages. The team at Parragon is of the view that the introduction of their range of books to the online world could be a harbinger of great content and expand its consumer base while offering more choice to their existing customers.

“We are excited to have an additional channel added for the consumers to access our content. With audio books, e-books, and interactive books formats added to the printed books that we currently offer, the consumers will be able to access our books without any hassles in any form they prefer. We look forward to offer our customers more choice in the digital space very soon,” says Ganesh Singh, Director, Parragon Publishing India.

The digital plan…

Publishing online has evolved from simple PDFs to complex machine independent portable and scalable interactive formats. As Parragon Publishing India continues to be one of the most loved brands in the children’s book space, the team is all set to embark upon this new digital-publishing voyage too.

Parragon will invest in content to cater to not just Indian sub-continent but the international markets; their new aim is to build a strong digital team, tailored for giving an easy access to trending and premium titles to the young generation. The idea has been inspired by the feedback that the team has been receiving from their readers and the volume of digital content being consumed over the last couple of years across age groups.

“The intention of the digital plan is to make content available at a click! Setting up a new digital wing to strengthen the operations and enhance offerings is our prime focus. We want to ensure that our end consumers get the best formats so that they experience a seamless change over from one format to the other!

They have liked our print books, the digital formats will be equally exciting,” says Shilpa Saxena, Head – Publishing Services, Parragon India.

The legacy…

Parragon is the leading publisher of the international brands such as of Marvel, Disney, and Nickelodeon. It also continues to offer a wide range of books in multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Marathi. This is surely going to be a treat for the consumers who are avid readers of these categories!

The newbies…

Parragon team is equally excited in informing the customers about the launch of an extensive series of 10 books with over 2000 pages of encyclopedic content on the most searched topics. The Big Book of Questions and Answers and Book of Everything will be leading this series of books. Subject matter experts from different parts of the world have contributed to produce this series. Designed and written with a lot of research and collaboration, this amalgamation of distinct encyclopedias is presented in an easy-to-read format. There is a treasure of information not just for kids, but also for parents who would want to give information on varied topics to their children.

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