Dreamland’s My Jumbo Book of…series


Dreamland’s My Jumbo Book of…series ABC (ISBN 978-81-8451-571-8),
Numbers (ISBN 978-81-8451-572-5),
Animals (ISBN 978-81-8451-573-2),
Birds (ISBN 978-81-8451-574-9),
Words (ISBN 978-81-8451-575-6),
Fruits (ISBN 978-81-8451-617-3),
Vegetables (ISBN 978-81-8451-618-0),
Vehicles (ISBN 978-81-8451-619-7),
Dog (ISBN 978-81-8451-621-0)
and Nursery Rhymes
Publisher: Dreamland Publications 
(Pp 32 each, Large format, Rs 160 each)

Beautiful, lively, breath-taking pictures…a small description – the Dreamland’s My Jumbo Book of…series gives children a reason to learn. The jumbo size of the book – 42.5 cm x 28 cm has mesmerizing big lovely pictures printed on thick art card.

For example, the book has a full-page picture of a baby with B alphabet which attracts one and all. The full-size pictures of doll, owl, parrot, hen, etc are equally mesmerizing. The bigger-than-life ice-cream and sandwich make a kid feel hungry. Any child would love to possess this book.

Similarly, the book on numbers teaches counting from 1 to 100 – again with interesting pictures – the child would love to count on it as well.

The book on vegetables has all kinds of one type of vegetable together. For example, if there is a cauliflower, there is also a Roman cauliflower and Broccoli. Each vegetable has a small piece of information about it. Even children who dislike vegetables might want to try some!

The book on fruits has all kinds of fruits and the pictures of eatables made out of them – tangy juices, tasty milkshakes, jams, etc. The idea is to let the child associate tasty things with the nutritious fruits as well.

While, the books on birds and animals have picture and a small description stating the family they belong to, how much they weigh, what are they used for, etc.

Equally interesting is the book on words, where children can learn new words and also associate them with their images.

What is a vintage car, a SUV, a MUV, a MPV or van? Find these answers in simple sentences in the book on vehicles. The book has information on all means of transport – road, train, air, water. An informative book again!

A dog is not just a dog; there are so many breeds available. My Jumbo book of Dog features 32 breeds of dogs, each with a beautiful full-size image and a small description. So, if you are planning to bring home a dog, you can get relevant information on the various breeds and see which one matches your home and family.  All the books are excellently produced. The pictures are so lively, you would like to touch and feel!

–V Verma

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