Sahitya Akademi initiates new series of book exhibitions


Book fairs, exhibitions and litfests act as oxygen for any book lovers. Of late, Sahitya Akademi, has started a series of language-specific book exhibitions.

On asking about the idea behind this initiative Dr. K. Sreenivasarao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi shared, “New Delhi is a truly Cosmopolitan city in every sense of the word. The city hosts people from every region, culture and language of the country. The city also has literary institutions representing various languages. However, when it comes to literary works in their mother tongues, people often depend on their home states and representative publishers in the annual New Delhi World Book Fair. But as we all are aware of the ongoing scenario, it is very much required now.”

He further elaborated upon the significance of such series of exhibitions, and added, “In the metropolitan cities, we obviously have multilingual readership, and the idea to have such language specific Book Exhibitions will certainly work for readership in the languages as much as possible. I hope, all the literary lovers will appreciate this idea and get benefited. Such activity will certainly add to the enrichment of the culture of reading.”

Sahitya Akademi, publishes books in all the 24 languages recognized by it. These publications cover a wide range of genres from novels to short stories to poetry to plays to monographs to criticism to anthologies etc. For this purpose, Sahitya Akademi is reaching out to literary institutions, state government establishments, regional dailies and magazines in various languages. These language-wise book exhibitions started with Tamil language, which was inaugurated by Maalan, eminent Tamil writer and journalist.

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