India’s Edtech industry is poised to grow…

Mahesh Wagh, Founder of Ekeeda shares how education is going towards a hybrid mode.


As per reports released by KPMG India & Google, the market for online education is expected to witness a magnificent growth of eight times in three years across India. There has been a significant increase in the paid online education users from 1.5 million in 2016 to nearly 10 million in 2021. “For EdTech companies, it’s a great opportunity to make higher education available to previously untapped demographics using digital technology. Secondly, the traditional model of in-person education is rather expensive and labour intensive. Thus, remote learning could be offered at reduced rates to a wider range of audiences in far-flung areas and ones who struggle to pay hefty tuition fees,” shares Mahesh Wagh of Ekeeda.

On Ekeeda…

Ekeeda is a four-year-old startup founded by Prof. Mahesh Wagh, aimed at engineering students who pursue graduation-level courses, competitive exams like GATE, SSC JE to get into top-tier institutes, and PSU exams. It allows students to watch and learn through online videos or live classes from handpicked educators across the nation. Other than this, one can get access to a host of services such as PDF notes, mock tests, question papers to prepare for academic or competitive exams. It has nearly 1.5 lakhs registered educators and 1.2 million learners under its belt.

Ekeeda began its journey as a YouTube channel with 1500+ subscribers which later expanded to its own app with a base of massive 6.5 lakhs subscribers in just 4 years. YouTube is its largest distribution channel wherein over the platform sees more than 50 million monthly views.

“The app is designed to adapt to the unique learning style of every student, as per the pace, size, and learning style. Ekeeda is paving the way for the new-age learning tools based on – mobile connectivity, interactive content, and personalized solutions for individuals!” tells Mahesh.

The USPs…

“We focus on introducing high-quality online courses and study material designed by top educators from IITs. Our learning programs are tailor-made for students all the way up to the job aspirants for career enhancement through competitive exams or skilled-based courses. Besides, we exhibit our mastery in teaching complex concepts through engaging videos and applications that are customized to every candidate’s learning speed,” shares Mahesh. “Our internships or virtual work experience program in well-known tech companies help showcase the talent.”

Today, Ekeeda is one of the leading engineering education portal that offers 400+ courses, 18000+ videos available to students that cover all the engineering branches from over 70+ universities in India.

On digital learning…

“Before the pandemic, digital learning was an option for educational institutes – attractive to mainly part-timers or foreign candidates seeking more flexible learning environments. However, Covid-19 undoubtedly was a critical turning point; wherein the prospects to return to campus studies seemed bleak and this gave the right elevation for e-learning. Online learning makes sure that candidates enjoy uninterrupted studies without hitting their academic year, preparation for competitive exams, or enhance their career,” tells Mahesh.

“Technical changes are happening at breakneck speed; and everyone has to reskill themselves regularly. The educational app, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software – all have seen a significant surge in the usage post-COVID-19 pandemic,” he adds.

Post-pandemic insights…

“ The education system has changed dynamically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, wherein teaching is now undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. It has now been the mainstream form to educate the students as well as working individuals. Access to high-quality content, a superior learning experience, and reduced costs are three critical points that will help e-learning sail swiftly even after the pandemic crisis comes to an end,” he says.

“Experts suggest a new hybrid model of education will emerge with significant benefits wherein offline learning and e-learning will go hand in hand, and integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated,” he adds.

On Indian Edtech industry…

“In the next five to ten years, India’s Edtech industry is poised to grow at a staggering rate. It will become around $30 billion in size in the next 10 years; wherein the current market size stands at $700 to $800 million. EdTech companies have suddenly got a massive boost due to the inflow of investments, acquisitions, mergers, up-gradation in offers through various firms and educational platforms. Also, thanks to the lowest internet data charges of the era, it has also boosted the growth of EdTech companies. because students mostly rely on pre-recorded videos, live classes, and e-study material for preparation,” concludes Mahesh optimistically.

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