“Online book fairscreate a lot of visibility”

Says Ravi Deecee of DC Books, on asking about the future of book fairs after the pandemic.


Book Fairs play a key role in the promotions, propagation and sale of books for us. “On an average, we conduct at least about 75 to 100 book fairs a year which are over and above the school book fairs which are of a miniature size,” shares Ravi Deecee of DC Books.

Importance of book fairs…

“With Book Fairs, we reach out to the customers who make it a habit to purchase only through such events; and not a regular visitor to the bookshop. Those readers do wait for such book fairs to happen and keep the money to buy books annually or as and when the book fair happens. In a nutshell, it is a customer acquisition process as well as a revenue earning mechanism and it also gives us a larger space for displaying and introducing more titles to the readers,” he adds.

Book fairs DC Books participate in…

“We participate in international fairs, both trade and consumer fairs. This includes Frankfurt Book Fair, Sharjah International Book Fair and New Delhi World Book Fair. We work as a partner to Sharjah International Book Fair in terms of organising events, bringing in speakers from India and across the globe. We also support the Sharjah Book Fair by having children’s interactions, both at the Sharjah Book Fair venue and taking the authors to the schools. DC Books showcases prominent Indian Publishers also at the Sharjah International Book Fair; by having the largest number of stalls at the Sharjah International Book Fair,” tells Ravi.

Future of book fairs…

“It continues to be one of the most important areas for interacting with the readers and hence post pandemic also, it will play a crucial role. Readers will be happy to visit the Book Fairs as they can physically have a touch and feel of their favourite books,” he adds.

On online book fairs…

“It creates a lot of visibility, for sure, and that helps during the pandemic time. It has also accelerated the sale of books during the COVID time. Online book fairs will help many areas, including schools, target audience, niche segments, etc, and as a hybrid model in future as well, where the publisher/bookseller may not be able to display all the books physically,” concludes Ravi.

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