“Book fairs are like plants that give oxygen to the publishing industry”

Says Nitin Jain from PEGASUS (an imprint of B. Jain Publishers, India), in conversation with All about Book Publishing.


Book Fairs are like plants that give oxygen to the publishing industry. They bring freshness, creativity, openness and life to the industry. They form an integral part of the publishing ecosystem.

Importance of book fairs…

We, at B Jain, really value fairs and exhibitions as it brings people together and we truly believe in physical interaction. The widening of our vision to learning about new things has really helped us steer ahead. The fair helps us to test our products and vision and help us to grow or pivot depending on the first-hand experience of our customers, be it the end consumer or our partner from some part of the world.

Book fairs and us…

We understand the marketplace better, position ourselves better, find new buyers, interact with them, show them what we do and learn more about them in such a short period of time. Every time we’ve attended book fairs, we have taken back a great deal of knowledge about how to do things better. It is fascinating to experience the various thoughts and ideas from different parts of the world.

We are present in over 100 countries and that is truly possible only because of our presence in most of the fairs and our years of investment has only helped us more during these troubled times where our exposure to various countries has helped us only grow as a company. We have built amazing relationships with beautiful people we’ve met from across the globe and I am not sure if it would have been possible otherwise.

On Indian book fairs…

The Indian fairs are equally important as these public fairs help us connect with the direct consumer at large; we can interact with them first hand and understand their school of thought when it comes to our books. It is fascinating to see how many of our books sometimes perform better in a book fair as compared to how our trade partners take it.

With a global open economy, the need for being a part of all the fairs with frequency they happen is a question for a company. So, one has to pick and choose the fair in terms of the audience they wish to target.

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