Making sale-purchase of school books easy!

Skoozo, the online school edu-commerce marketplace, not only offers convenience along with rewards on their routine purchases for their customers, but is a complete business process automation and logistics management support for vendors.


Skoozo is one of India’s leading online school edu-commerce marketplace with the widest assortment of products from various regional, national and international brands and retailers. From its launch in 2019, Skoozo has grown to be a family of thousands of users and more than 300 sellers and is delivering to 100+ cities and towns in India. Here, Sudhir Kukreja shares more about the edu-commerce portal.

The inception…

“Purchasing school books, uniform and other school merchandise has always been a painful experience for parents across the country. Whether they are buying directly from vendor stores or vendor counters in school premises. And at the same time, the book publishing and book selling industry has remained untouched by modern technology for some reasons. This is where we saw an opportunity and Skoozo was born in September 2019,” tells Sudhir.

Skoozo is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs in the education sector – Sudhir Kukreja, Rajeev Kukreja and Abhishek Doshi. Sudhir is an MBA in Finance from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai with over 18 years of experience in the education sector. He had been heading national operations for Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High Schools till 2012. While, Rajeev is an MBA from XLRI with over 15 years of experience in operations, administration and HR. He has worked across industries with brands like Aditya Birla, Kangaroo Kids, ICICI Bank. Abhishek is a qualified CA from ICAI with over 15 years of work experience across the finance, education and real estate sector.

The business model…

“Skoozo enables the book, uniform, shoes, toys, stationery and other school merchandise sellers to take a tech-oriented approach to upgrade their business while maintaining their current business model and business equation with their partner schools or customers. Skoozo brings a 3600 integrated platform to help the parent buy school merchandise at the click of a button; get door delivery and a whole host of loyalty benefits, rewards and cashbacks,” he shares.

“For vendors, Skoozo offers a robust platform to manage all aspects of ecommerce business – product listing, cataloguing, inventory management, order management, customer service and most importantly warehousing and last mile logistics, thus helping vendors improve their business processes and enhancing efficiency,” he adds.

The schools catered…

“We cater to schools across the country and boards including IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE and State boards,” tells Sudhir.

The team…

“We are a team of 45 people apart from logistics partners. We are headquartered in Mumbai and our operations are spread across 16 cities. While we have our own logistics team in Mumbai and Pune, we cater to our vendors in different cities through our logistic partner companies who work seamlessly on our tech platform,” he tells. “From its first year operations, Skoozo has grown 3 times in its second year of operations. And we are well placed to grow multi fold in the coming season.”

The USP…

“Skoozo is in fact transforming the way traditional sales of school merchandise used to take place. Our platform is enabling every book seller to digitise its bookstore and keep a track of every customer, product and transaction digitally. It only makes the processes efficient for the vendors but also helps the vendor save a lot of precious time and scale their business across the country,” tells Sudhir.

The road ahead…

“Education in India is a vast sector and the opportunity to scale is tremendous. Skoozo aspires to be present in all major cities across the country and get every book seller associated with our platform,” concludes Sudhir optimistically.

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