Pan India yoga workshop for educators and children


A huge pan-India yoga and nutrition workshop was organised by renowned Indian educational publisher, New Saraswati House India Pvt Ltd, on the occasion of International Yoga Day with celebrity health and fitness expert, Dr Richa Sood. Over 3000 educators joined the session live on social media channels along with their students and their parents, as a bright start to Monday morning and for the theme “Yoga for Life,” which was positive side of online education. Dr Sood also gave nutrition and anti-ageing tips, apart from simple exercises for the eyes, neck, head and back, all of which are affected due to this work from home and online education scenario. She also spoke about the right nutrition in both adults and children which has become extremely important today due to various health issue diagnosed in children like obesity, eyesight, headaches, back pain and so on.

The NEP-2020 states that students of all levels of schools will be allowed to participate in physical activity and exercise, including sports, games, yoga, martial arts, dance, gardening, and more, following local availability of teachers and facilities.

“Sports and yoga not only make students keep up their physical stamina, but also helps to develop the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win, willpower—all of which are essentials of life,” adds Shammi Manik, CEO of New Saraswati House.

“We have seen a very encouraging number of educators and students (over 6800) participating in the event this year, which is a good thing. The fact is that health and nutrition is becoming part of our lives in a much bigger way now for many reasons, and the best part: the children are imbibing it in a huge way,” says Anurima Roy, Head – Marketing at New Saraswati House.

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