India’s English-language literary scene appeals to Americans


Aesthete Press—publisher of the highly-praised new romantic, adventure novel The Wanderess by Roman Payne—has decided to shift marketing efforts for the acclaimed, new novel to India with the belief that India possesses “more sophisticated readers” and more “connoisseurs of high-quality literature.” Such is the market of The Wanderess—a novel that critics say is “perfect for those who love great literary classics.”

According to the World Culture Score Index, Indians read more novels than people of any other country (an average of 10.42 hours are devoted to reading each week in India. Americans only spend 5.42 hours per week with a book in their hands)A market research done by Aesthete Press, says Indian readers of English-language books are four times more likely than Americans to experiment with more sophisticated genres of literary-fiction, such as European Romanticism and Classicism. Aesthete Press believes that they are the people who will appreciate Payne’s books.

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