Modi: Leadership, Governance and Performance


Author: Vivian Fernandes (Foreword by Raghav Bahl)
Publisher: Orient Publishing
(Pp 160, ISBN 978-81-92205749, Rs 245)

Phenomenon around Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most fascinating countenances ever witnessed in the contemporary politics of India. So in the same way is this book written by Vivian Fernandes, editor of CNBC-TV 18, who in many occasions mingled with Modi since their meeting in the year 2008 for the channel’s programmes on Gujarat’s development models. Written with a prophesised vision upon Modi’s landslide victory to become Prime Minister, this book is quite timely and relevant while unravelling all the underlying key attributes in the rise of the BJP leader to lead the country.

Modi: Leadership, Governance and Performance comes out to be a non-judgmental book on Modi from the viewpoint of a liberal Indian. In every turn of all chapters in this book gives vibrant spotlights on both failure and success momentums of the leader, which clearly include even the episodes on intolerance of dissents and abysmal conviction rates of 2002 Gujarat Riot. The author defines Modi as a leader with ideas, energies and Chinese-like audacity in implementation. This book draws Gujarat’s development in a close characteristic to China combined with cultural nationalism and economic expansion.

Modi relies on mass drives to constantly renew his connection with people and keeps his administration grounded. Even if there is no Modi model of development, there is always Modi way of making it. Different from those leaders who allow officials at the steering wheels of investment promotion, Modi is known for leading from the front while shaping Gujarat during his chief ministership. And this was as much a political compulsion as a personal necessity after the 2002 riot. It is said that all birds lay eggs but it is only the hen that crows. Marketing is an essential tool for politicians and Modi is adept at this art. He knows that it is not enough to deliver on promises. He has to manage perceptions as well. The author collectively provides a diligent and vital perspective on how effective leadership can provide outcome-focused governance – the Modi way for sure.

–Jyaneswar Laishram

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