Don’t Lose Out, Work Out!


Author: Rujuta Diwekar Publisher: Westland Ltd
(Pp 260, ISBN 978-93-83260-95-9, Rs 250)

When you pick up a book from Rujuta, you are bound to get some easy, practical tips to stay fit. Through this book, Rujuta tackles every myth and fad on exercise, demystifies it for everyone and presents it as not a brainless activity but a science which has the potential to combat ageing and all lifestyle disorders including diabetes and obesity. Strength training, cardio and yoga are also detailed along with their pre- and post-workout meals, an often neglected but crucial aspect.

Both diet and exercise are important to keep fit. Rujuta delves into the what, how and when of eating as well. The book actually talks to you, it does not preaches. Real-life examples add to its authenticity and simplicity. All in all, it is a very practical book on exercise and staying fit.


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