Paragon Software releases its dictionary engine to open source


Paragon Software Group has released Slovoed Community Edition, granting its decades-proven Slovoed dictionary engine for Android devices (with the iOS version following soon) to the open source community. Given the interest of professional linguists from all over the world in making their own applications, Paragon initiated the Slovoed Community Edition project aimed at independent linguists and authors who want to prepare their own digital content for their communities. What this represents is an unparalleled opportunity for dictionary authors to independently and from scratch create, maintain and edit their dictionary and reference content and release it as applications with the ability to monetise them. Originally developed in 2003 for the Palm OS, the Slovoed engine has evolved into a powerful tool that compresses print content into a compact, yet feature-rich app suitable for desktops and mobiles of all popular platforms – macOS, Android and iOS.

Over the last 25 years, Paragon Software has brought to market over 2000 reference works for 37 world languages from the 54 of the world’s leading publishing houses, becoming a reliable technology partner for the leading lexicography brands, such as Oxford University Press, Bibliographisches Institut GmbH, Wahrig, Cambridge University Press, PONS GmbH, Langenscheidt GmbH, Larousse Editorial and many others.

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