Macmillan Distribution to launch new subscription business


The award-winning international book distributor Macmillan Distribution (MDL) is launching a new subscriptions platform to be delivered via Publishing Technology’s advance enterprise system.

MDL will implement the digitally-native Order to Cash module of advance, to expand into the journals fulfilment market, offering publishers an increasing number of subscription-based models for both digital and physical content and providing readers with a seamless user experience at the point of purchase.

With its robust sales, marketing and ecommerce capabilities for serial content, advance Order to Cash will enable MDL’s clients to respond swiftly to market demands, customise products and experiment with new business models, driven by comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

MDL can confirm that Hart Publishing, now part of Bloomsbury Academic, will be the first of its clients to take advantage of the new service, and expects to announce more clients over the coming months.

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