Meeting Shiva –A True Love Story


Meeting Shiva is an extraordinary book written by Tiziana Stupia, a writer, traveller and yoga teacher. Recently published by BPI India Pvt Ltd, the book relates the adventures of the author in the Himalayas and her search for love and tantric soul mate. A single woman in her mid-thirties, Tiziana is at the end of an adventurous overland trip through the Himalayas, after long wandering through Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan and India. With a string of failed relationships behind her, she feels that she hasn’t yet met her match who will see and love her as she is, without wanting to change her or curb her freedom. But her search for such a tantric soul mate hasn’t materialized yet.

Before returning home to Europe, Tiziana decides to set out on one last adventure to the Himalayas. Together with her friend, she wants to immerse in the glorious mountain landscapes, visit ancient temples, meet mystical sadhus and have a magical time before returning home with great experiences to last a lifetime. It is on this last trip that she meets Rudra, the man of her dreams, the one she had been waiting for all her life. Indeed, the man exceeds her wildest expectations in many ways. He is her match. But there is a catch: Rudra is a sannyasi, a celibate Hindu monk who lives in an austere ashram in the remote Himalayas.

Meeting Shiva describes the romantic collision between Tiziana and Rudra and how the two get drawn into an intense romantic relationship that soon spirals out of control as Tiziana is drawn into a past long forgotten that ultimately leads her through pain and misery to healing and transformation. The story explores the truth of her existence and ultimately leads to the healing of karmic wounds. It is a story of self-reflection and portrays the healing power of relationships.

Simple yet enchanting, Meeting Shiva is fast-paced, engaging and a true story of a woman falling and rising in love in the Himalayas.

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