Tuttle Publishing releases new DIY Japanese sewing book in English


Based on Sato Watanabe’s extremely popular sew-it-yourself Japanese fashion book Chokusen nui nanoni kireina shiruetto no suka-to, Tuttle Publishing has announced the publication of their new English edition under the title: Stylish Skirts. With this book, the avid DIY Japanese sewing enthusiast can sew skirts to match every possible body shape, taste in fabrics, texture and colour to mix with their favourite tops, shoes and accessories. The Japanese DIY sewing movement is now sweeping the world and Sato Watanabe is a leading exponent of this new fashion trend.

Designer Sato Watanabe studied clothing and accessory design at the Bunka Fashion College before beginning a career as a magazine editor, eventually turning her writing skills to cooking and sewing books. She specializes in simple, elegant homemade couture with room for a touch of individuality.

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