Reading: A Skill To Acquire In Childhood

Books are our best friends; they play a vital role in our lives. They are our friends, philosophers, and guides. Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store shares why it is important to inculcate good reading habits in children.


These days, children have a lot of pastimes like internet, online games, videos, etc. Parents are worried that children are not reading enough. So, it is important to inculcate the reading habit in children from a young age. Famous children author Roald Dahl rightly says, “I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.” Here are a few reasons why parents should encourage reading habits in children:

Widens knowledge: It is a well known fact that children gain knowledge by reading new things. They become more confident and reading invokes deeper interest in subject of their choice.

Expands imagination: When a person reads a fiction book, he is transported to an another world, which widens his imagination and makes him learn more. Children can time travel to unknown times and unknown places.

Improves communication: Often, children learn new words when they read books. Their vocabulary improves and they learn the usage of words, thus their communication skills improve.

Better ability to comprehend: Children who start reading early understand situations better and they are able to analyse the pros and cons as well.

Builds personality: You become what you read. Books help children discover their own self, enhancing their social, emotional and creative development.

Acts as therapy: Children often complain of being bored. Adolescents also have mood swings. Books keep boredom at bay and help soothe their minds.

Best before bedtime: We all remember the bed time stories our parents and grandparents recited to us, they actually helped us sleep. This goes a long way in our lives. People who read books before bedtime have a sound sleep.

It will decrease screen time: Increasing screen time has become a big issue for children of all ages. When children start reading books, their screen time automatically decreases.

Readers are leaders: Reading is an important skill and regular readers are always updated on the current or past happenings across the world. This gives them an edge above the rest. All great leaders have one thing in common — they are regular readers. Their bookshelf is always full of meaningful books. So, to be successful in life, you need to read more.

In short, reading is a life skill. It is an investment for which you can reap profits throughout your life. Bring the joy of reading into the lives of your children. Make reading fun. Create a reading area. Set an example. When parents are readers, children automatically become readers. Take them to a bookstore. Let them browse through different books and pick up what they like. A visit to a bookstore should be a frequent and regular activity in your household.

Happy reading!

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