More Than Just Biryani


Author: Andaleeb Wajid
Publisher: Amaryllis, New Delhi
(Pp 360, ISBN 978-93-81506-40-0, Rs 399)

Don’t go by the name of the book, it is not a recipe book but a novel. It is a fascinating story of a young woman Zubi who is unable to communicate with the people she loves and so turns to food as a way of showing her affection. But soon, she realizes that it is food that helps her forge an identity for herself. Readers can cook along as Zubi’s stories travel through time, facing the challenges of life, the emotional complexities of family relationships, discovering identities, overcoming fears and above all, embracing love.

The choice of words is fantastic, sometimes you can actually smell the delicacies prepared in the book!

– Varsha

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