Future Of The Publishing Industry

-Sesh Seshadri, CEO & Partner, Overleaf Books LLP & Director & General Manager, Lonely Planet


I was given a number of lessons on how to make work from home easy.
Work area, get organized which I am, and the one I particularly like is reschedule distractions.

In the midst of all this, like many of my friends, I was forecasting (right word in the present circumstances) my future, the future of the industry as a whole and the future of friends and families in the Publishing industry.

Books play an Important Role
Books play an important role in social relations and is also evident from bookshops, cinemas, theatres, museums. We are always supported by authors, booksellers, librarians, schools, colleges and many other institutes of excellence. Their support helps us to continue to share good stories and content.

Publishing in India has handled many crises in the past including embargo on imports. Fully appreciate that it requires a number of supportive measures to sustain a thriving sector which contributes to the economy and society in general. We as Publishers provide content to make the best Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and the list goes on.

Our Approach
What should be our approach? It should be different from other industries.
Every industry will ask the Government for financial support, reduction of taxes,
low interest loans from banks, among many appeals.

We as an industry, should instead ask for increase in the spend for purchase of books both from the Union & State Budgets. This will help the sector grow. A bank loan will not provide the same result. The spend can happen from many Ministries in support of cultural enterprise. Ask for withdrawal of all CBSE, NCERT circulars and bring back the open market & open field.
I am sure more and more International Publishers will move their printing to India
from where the majority are printing now. India should become the most important go-to venue

Positive to Digital Channels
This period has also taught many to use technology for reading and has certainly increased reading habit. We saw a clear positive to digital channels, through which publishers reached those users who are remaining at home.

Train yourselves for the necessary peace of mind in the coming months and there will be renewed friendship and collaboration that characterizes this great industry and India as a country. I have great faith in the Indian Publishing Industry.

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