A Soft Eclipse


Author: Jayabrato Chatterjee
Publisher: Amaryllis, New Delhi
(Pp 258, ISBN 978-93-81506-42-4, Rs 299)

A chronicle of any middle-class girl trapped in the city’s so called elite El Dorado, A Soft Eclipse touches the heart of the readers at the right place. Set in Kolkata, the book takes us behind the superficial high society. It reveals the disturbing lives and unfamiliar narratives in shockingly familiar surroundings.

The author Jayabroto Chaterjee is a film maker, literary editor and corporate communicator. He has portrayed the woman in the story so realistically that you often think if this book has been written by a female. Written in first voice, the book will appeal to all those who wish to peep into the mind of a woman.

– V Verma

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