Healthy Habits for a Fit Family


Author: J Ron Eaker, MD
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House, Pune
(Pp 243, ISBN 978-81-8498-462-0, Rs 300)

Health is of prime importance to anybody and the best gift you can give to yourself and your family. The key to long-term health for you and your family is to get everyone involved as healthy habits are much easier to maintain when everybody does the same thing. The book gives you simple, practical and livable ways to lose weight and achieve lasting health and wellness.

With this, you can set realistic goals and pursue physical, emotional and spiritual health. It helps you learn what really works, based on science and not fads. The book is divided into ten sections: identifying the problem, making a beginning, the parental mandate, nutrition basics, food for the soul, nutrition specifics for children and teens, weight loss, exercise, beware of quick fixes and achieving the goal of wholeness and wellness as a family.

So, make good choices and help your family live a healthy life.

– Varsha Verma

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