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President releases book on India for children

The president of India, Pranab Mukherjee, released a visually spectacular book that makes learning about India fun for little ones. Titled India: An Alphabet Ride, the book uses the alphabet to denote various aspects about India through detailed illustrations that blend India’s rich history, architecture, diversity of food, customs and languages with our value systems, lifestyles, and ways that we perceive ourselves.

The book is the brainchild of well known Kuchipudi dancer, Shallu Jindal, who has spent more than two years researching the book and collating material and ideas that were then translated into visuals by the very talented graphic illustrator, Priya Kuriyan. Together, they have produced a classic work for children of all ages. It’s also the perfect book to give as a gift and to read in a classroom or to be discussed by parents and grandparents with their little ones.

“To begin with A for ‘Anthem’ and do the same so visually is lovely. This is a great book and a wonderful idea,” said the president while launching the book formally. “A lot of children will benefit from the book,” Omita Paul, secretary to the president said, praising the effort of the author.

“Teaching children through visuals is always easier and more exciting for them. India was a challenge as there is just so much that one can keep learning about. But yes, in the process, I learnt a lot and would love to share it with our young ones,” says the author, Shallu Jindal, who is also the chairperson of the National Bal Bhavan.

The detailed visuals, bright colours and borders, and wonderful symmetry that make this book so different from the rest are the result of Priya Kuriyan’s dedication and vivid visual vocabulary. “This book is one of the longest projects I’ve worked on. When I look at the finished work now, I am ever so proud.”

The book is published by Etch, which is a publishing firm that focuses on publishing popular trade titles that are a little different from the books that are being published, in terms of design, or layout, or content.

The firm is based in Delhi and Dehradun and books published by Etch and Natraj are available in leading bookstores and online.

Learnmile releases book on Indian children’s literature

Indian Children’s Literature: Challenges & Opportunities 2014 releasing at CII’s National Conference on School Education.During the annual National Conference on School Education organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi, Learnmile launched its research work on the Indian children literature. Talking about the book titled Indian Children’s Literature: Challenges & Opportunities 2014, Nitin Pandey, founder & CEO, Learnmile mentioned that the book is based on the latest market research on children’s language literatures in India. “Why this book is important? India is a country with around 19,000 book publishers. Of them, only 20 percent produce children literatures.” Learnmile is a unique education focused research and advisory firm.

Nitin further mentioned that the book is a fair attempt to give a spotlight on the needs and requirements in the current children literature segment of India. “Lack of promotional activities has pulled back the pace of development in children literatures in India. Also, we should now focus on literatures for our kids in context of local surroundings. We don’t require reference of strawberry fields in lessons for Indian kids,” he added. Nitin decisively asserted that this segment is not yet flourished due to the lack of children literature writers in the country.

Kids enjoys Purple Turtle pilot episode

Purple Turtle licensed by Aadarsh Pvt Ltd had recently participated at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2014 held at New Delhi, where they showcased various books, toys, games and animation pilot episode. The pilot animation episode The Case of Missing Cup Cakes was revealed to the children who were excited and thrilled to see the episode at the fair.

The Case of Missing Cup Cakes exhibits the story of Purple Turtle, World’s cutest Turtle along with his friends Zing, Biggy, Melody, Roxy and more, and displays a very exciting, entertaining and adventurous animation series made for children.

According to NK Krishnanand, head licensing and publishing, Purple Turtle, “Our participation at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2014, was a great experience which has strengthened our reach among children even more. During the fair we had displayed our pilot animation episode

The Case of Missing Cup Cakes to the children. We were overwhelmed with the response we got as everyone liked and appreciated the series and children just loved the character and the story. We are very happy that it has won hearts at the fair.”

Aurora Production brings in Swizz kits for kids

With a mutual tie-up with Swizz publishing company Eduvision Hub, Aurora Production was one of the exhibitors at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2014 which showcased sets of children’s books and CDs based on children’s education, parenting and child development. The main theme of the company was ‘value education’ which the company endeavoured to present every child visitor or parent during the fair. Aurora Production is based in Hyderabad dealing arrays of Swizz books and related learning materials for kids.

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