CAPEXIL continues to facilitate and strengthen Indian publishing and printing industry


CAPEXIL is a responsible trade support organisation, facilitating and strengthening the Indian publishing and printing industry’s external trade through effective and efficient networking with the global community for the inclusive growth of the country. The mission of CAPEXIL is to act as a strong link towards promotion of the publishing and printing industry as a strong contributor in the world market; development of the industry to set standards and best practices; advocating measures for the betterment of the industry; and strengthening the capacity of the industry to effectively respond to global trade environment. India publishes around 1,20,000 new titles by over 55,000 publishers in 24 Indian languages annually. This places the country at rank seven in terms of the number of books published and third in terms of the number of English language publications in the world. The Indian publishing industry is worth approximately US $ 3 billion and growing at around 10 percent every year. They export books, publications and printing to more than 120 countries around the world. The exports as well are on a growth path year by year.

Around the world

India has the distinction of being Guest of Honour Country twice at Frankfurt Book Fair in 1986 and 2006, Paris Book Fair 2007, London Book Fair 2009, Moscow International Book Fair 2009, Turin International Book Fair 2010, Ghana International Book Fair 2011, Sharjah International Book Fair 2011 and Seoul International Book Fair 2013. This has helped in strengthening the relationship between Indian publishers, book sellers, exporters, printers and printing service providers with their counterparts the world over.

Indian publishers are publishing books in all fields from photographic albums to children books. Indian textbooks in STM and social sciences are used by students all over the world at all levels for the reason being simple in language and at affordable prices, quality of authorship and skillful editing. More than 40,000 magazines and journals virtually act as conduit to regular and current information network to the educational and research institutions, professionals and discriminating readers all over the world. In view of the sophisticated printing and binding facilities and at cost effective rates, more and more publishers and institutions are relying on Indian printers for quality jobs.

What makes India proud?

– World’s largest democracy
– World-class recognition in IT & Software services
– Largest English speaking nation in the world
– 2nd largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world
– Largest pool of university graduates in the world
– Part of the developing world economies

Highlights of Indian publishing and printing industry

Indian book publishing and printing industry boasts of its distinguished strength and attributes which have been largely recognised at international level for years. The best of such unique features of the industry can be mentioned as:

  • India is the seventh largest book publisher in the world and third largest in terms of producing English language publications.
  • India’s US $ 3 billion publishing industry keeps growing at 10 percent annually.
  • India exports books, publications and printing to more than 120 overseas countries.
  • Nearly, 55,000 publishers in the country produce over 1,20,000 new titles every year in 24 different Indian languages.
  • Enormous export of educational books of Indian authors to developing countries – yet another achievement.

Published Output

  • Children books
  • School textbooks
  • Undergraduate/graduate texts
  • Trade books
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Photographic Albums
  • Research & reference books
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Science, Technology & Medicine
  • Magazines
    • Children
    • Women
    • Adult
    • Cinema
    • Computers
    • Business
  • Research journals
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Science, Technology & Medicine
  • E-books and journals

Publishing/Translation Rights

  • Besides traditional book deals, Indian publishers have been selling and buying rights for various books with their counterparts across the globe.

Indian Printing Industry

  • Printing began in India in 1577
  • Growth @ 12% per annum
  • More than 150,000 printing presses in active operation employing around 5 million people for print production directly or indirectly
  • State-of-the-art printing and binding equipments available at several units
  • Offer reliable and cost effective printing services with timely deliveries
  • Flow line post production setups with huge print capacities
  • Good facilities for warehousing & distribution

Digital Services

  • As of now more than five hundred digital production printers installed in India handling POD (Print-On-Demand) books for national and international publishers.
  • E-version of books (e-books) have already achieved kick-start position in India.

PreMedia Services

  • Indian PreMedia companies provide pre-press, e-publishing and online solutions to book publishers with specialised tools and proven workflows and the list of their offerings continues expanding with increasing support from IT companies.

Content Services

  • With a good knowledge base of English language, India has the capability to work as Content Service Provider very efficiently.

Shipping/ Business Infrastructure

  • With several sea ports, dry ports, international airports and other means of transport, communication and banking, India offers the best business arrangements for its customers worldwide.

India: a global focus!

Indian publishing & printing industry has attained a status amongst its counterparts across the world which can be visualized from the fact that India now is a Guest of Honour country almost regularly in one or the other International Book Event.

Participants in India Pavilion at London Book Fair 2014 (Stand X305)

AITBS Publishers, New Delhi
Apple Publishing International Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Capexil, New Delhi
Chennai Micro Print Pvt Ltd, Chennai
DK Agencies (P) Ltd, New Delhi
Goodword Books, New Delhi
Lifi Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
Macaw Books, New Delhi

National Book Trust, India, New Delhi
Niyogi Books (Niyogi Offset Pvt Ltd), New Delhi
Nova Publications & Printers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
Printrade India Publications, New Delhi
Random Publications, New Delhi
S. Chand International, New Delhi
Setu Prakashani, Kolkata
Shivsagar Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
SK Kataria & Sons, New Delhi
Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd, New Delhi

Other Indian participants at London Book Fair 2014

Ajanta Offset & Packagings Ltd
All About Book Publishing
Alpha EBook
Bhalani Publishing House
BJain Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Bookvin Pvt Ltd
CBS Publishers
DiTech Process Solutions
Dreamland Publications
Exeter Premedia Services
Focus Medica India Pvt. Ltd.
Goodwill Books International
HTC Global Services (India) Private Ltd
Hurix Systems Private Limited
Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd
International Print-O-Pac Limited
Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P)
Mitr Learning & Media Pvt Ltd
MLBD Books International
MPS Limited
Multivista Global Ltd
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt
Navneet Education Limited
Nutech Print Services
Om Books International
Parksons Graphics
PHI Learning Private Ltd
Quixot Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.
Replika Press Pvt Ltd
Repro India Ltd
Roli Books
Scientific International Pvt.Ltd
Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd.
Thomson Digital
Thomson Press (India) Limited
Vishv Books
VPrompt EServices Private Limited
Young Angels International


Nigeria International Book Fair
5-10 May 2014
at the Multi-purpose halls of the University of Lagos,
Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Sao Paulo International Book Fair, Brazil
22-31 August 2014 and BSM in
Mexico and/or Panama

Nairobi International Book Fair
24-28 September 2014
at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall Westland’s Nairobi, Kenya
and Buyer Seller Meet in two countries

Frankfurt Book Fair
8-12 October 2014

Ghana International Book Fair
4-8 November 2014
at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre,
La, Accra, Ghana and
Buyer Seller Meet in two countries

Sharjah International Book Fair
5-15 November 2014

Istanbul Book Fair,
Turkey – November 15-18, 2014
at the TÜYAP Istanbul International Fair
and Convention Center, Büyükçekmece.

Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico
29 November – 04 December 2014
at Exhibition Center, Av. Mariano Otero,
1499 Col. Verde Valle Guadalajara, Jalisco

Bangkok International Book Fair
and Buyer Seller Meet in two countries – March 2015

Capexil Book Division’s activities during 2013-14:

15-17 APRIL 2013

Capexil Book Division participated in the London Book Fair under MAI Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and organized India Pavilion. 34 firms participated in the Fair through CAPEXIL.

(6-11 MAY 2013)

Capexil Book Division participated in the Nigeria International Book Fair (6-11 May) 2013 under MDA Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India and organized India Pavilion. 30 firms participated in the Fair through CAPEXIL in India Pavilion.

New Delhi World Book Fair
(15-23 Feb 2014)

In its continuous endeavors to promote Indian publishing and printing industry, CAPEXIL got wonderful response at New Delhi World Book Fair too. There were new member enrolments of Indian publishers and printers from all parts of India, especially Northern region.

Honours book producing fraternity

For the year 2011-12, CAPEXIL also awarded several publishers & printers for examplary performance. At the award function, Dr EM Sudarsana Natchiappan, Hon’ble Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India was the chief guest while Dr Anup K Pujari, IAS, Director General of Foreign Trade, Govt. of India was the guest of honour.

(9-13 OCTOBER 2013)

Capexil Book Division participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair (9-13 October, 2013) under MAI Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India and organized India Pavilion. 47 firms participated in the fair through CAPEXIL in India Pavilion. The Indian Pavilion was inaugurated by Surender Kumar, Consulate General of India, Frankfurt.

(6-16 NOV 2013)

Capexil Book Division participated in the Sharjah International Book Fair.
This activity was organized under MDA Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
11 members participated in the Fair through CAPEXIL.


Capexil Book Division participated in the Guadalajara International Book Fair from November 30 – December 4, 2013 and organized Buyer-Seller Meet during the Fair. The activity was covered under MDA Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. 12 members participated in the Fair through CAPEXIL. The Fair was held at the Expo Guadalajara the Capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco.

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