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In the early childhood stage, which is the first six years of a child’s life, a child develops at a very fast pace and thus these years are the most critical years, forming the base of lifelong development. It is during this stage when the personality and intelligence level of the child are determined. This stage has a vital role in the successful progression of the child’s future educational endeavors as it creates a robust foundation for it. Children in early age are like insatiable sponges, having an amazing capacity to process whatever is taught to them. A strong foundation helps the child discover the joys of learning and gives him/her immense confidence for going into a primary school.

Concerns of modern age Indian parents

Every parent wants their child to get better opportunities in life than they had and thus, parents these days are ready to invest heavily in educating their children. They are demanding teaching materials which are innovative, attractive and appeal to them as well as their children. What is required is to provide them products that supplement or suit their child’s learning and provide them an edge over others. Due to these reasons, it is important to design products which not only have play value but also educational value. It is also important that these materials can inculcate the habit of self-learning in children.

Before making the purchase, parents check teaching materials and ensure that they are good enough to help their children read well, quickly and easily. Stress is also on their capability of teaching a skill. The material has to be appropriate for the child’s age and will promote love for learning in him. By putting the playtime to constructive use with the use of these materials a child gets an edge in school. They have emotional aspect to them as well. Parents try to make up for the lack of time they have for their children with the help of these materials and inculcate a healthy habit in them. They are concerned whether they help in improving their child’s speech, pronunciation and grasping power, and enhance his sensorial skills as well as attention span.

Importance of toys

Toys play a significant role in educating, instructing and promoting intellectuality in children. They are also important for emotional, psychological or physical development of the child. Various products such as musical toys or toys of different shapes and colorus stimulate a child’s brain, most effectively between the age of one and five years. They play a key role in a child’s learning and development and are helpful in increasing their skills. And if these toys are educational toys they also help children explore the world and generate curiosity among them to learn something new.

A young child’s growing mind can best be stimulated through active play and live conversation, and books can play a crucial role in this. By reading different books, children can increase their knowledge on various subjects multifold.

Iken Zing books: an ideal purchase for your child

Iken Zing is an innovative, visually appealing product which inculcates a healthy habit – reading – in the child that remains with him for the lifetime and serves as an ideal tool for the child’s learning and development. It is basically a series of interactive colorful and exciting touch-read books that bring stories alive. Comes with a ‘Zing Reader’, these books give the feel of real story telling to kids. These readers when touched or scrolled over text and images, talk and produce relevant sounds that help the child explore the world of reading in a fun way. This audio component brings life to story characters and other elements, thereby bringing a great sense of thrill to children. Iken Zing is an ideal learning tool for children in the age group of 3-7 years as it captivates children’s attention and generates within them a desire to know more. With both audio and visual teaching aids, it reinforces effective learning.

Special features of Iken Zing talking books:

Each book consists of colourful and exciting stories and characters, which are relevant to particular age and introduces various simple concepts in a fun learning way. With the help of the Zing Reader, words, pages and stories can be read out loudly. The pen can be recharged with AAA batteries and even through USB cable and can be used to read all the titles available. It also gives you the option of reading stories in multiple languages. These books also contain engrossing games and quizzes.

There is a wide collection of 34 titles to chose from which come in a Super Saver and a Starter Pack. While the Super Saver Pack has a set of 25 books with a Zing Reader, Starter Pack is a set of 5 books that comes with a Zing Reader. Pediatrics at Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai recommend this product to parents for better development of their child’s brain. These books are available in more than 40 Tier I and II cities at leading outlets such as Hamley’s, Mahindra, Landmark,, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloon, Central and Planet M.

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