The Little Trailblazers

– A compendium of 21 stories written by 21 internet pioneers and illustrated by 21 art directors from 18 countries.


The Little Trailblazers is a compendium of 21 stories written by 21 internet pioneers and illustrated by 21 art directors from 18 countries and is published by Macaw Books.The proceeds of the profit will go to UNICEF. The price of the book is Rs 1750.

The contributors…

“All these 42 people are part of a group bound by a website which not only showcase the best designs on the internet world on a regular basis but also have yearly awards in various categories. The founder of this organisation is Rob Ford. The members of this group are the best of the designers, art directors, visualisers and illustrators specially working on websites and apps. The best of the best from across the world are part of this group. It took them 2 years almost to write illustrate and design these stories. The final design of the book is done by MENDO an organisation based in Amsterdam,” tells Sandeep Kaushik, CEO & Publisher, Macaw Books & Bookmatrix.

The stories…

“All 21 stories are about emotions of the child and are expressed through really innovative style of writing and illustrations. All 21 stories have nothing in common except they are all meant for kids. The writing style of all these 21 authors is absolutely different,” adds Sandeep.

The illustrations…

“The illustrations are also done by 21 illustrators who essentially are working as visualisers or art directors in big agencies worldwide. This book is unique in terms of illustrations as no two stories have similar style of illustration. The profile of each contributor is shared in the book after each story,” tells Sandeep.


The publisher…

“Rob Ford was looking for a publisher for this book and he had asked for help on Linkedin and one of my friend Manish D’souza who is also a part introduced Rob to me. We had a look at the book and instantly said yes to publish the same for two reasons — as the profit of this book will go to UNICEF who is a partner in this project and also the book stories and illustrations are so unique and surely has a global appeal. So we decided to publish under our brand name Macaw Books. I would say this is the best book we have published since our inception in 2007. The book is available on Amazon and Macaw Books website,” concludes Sandeep.

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